Starts every Friday 12 p.m. (UTC)
Name Points
1 Breathtaking Horse Evie 321
2 Thrilling Warthog Halo 306
3 Miraculous Ox Leonardo 214
4 Perfect Wolf Nala 200
5 Dazzling Crow Cutie 140
6 Elegant Hamster Timmy 132
7 Delightful Camel Amelia 114
8 Lovely Fox Cinnamon 106
9 Skillful Seal Louie 83
10 Thrilling Cougar Holly 82
11 Enchanting Weasel Felix 76
12 Enchanting Puma Arthur 72
13 Masterful Badger Rocket 63
14 Lovely Lizard Cesar 62
15 Amazing Hog Tina 61
16 Sweet Rhinoceros Indiana 56
17 Groundbreaking Lynx Moxie 52
18 Magical Polar bear Brooke 44
19 Stunning Donkey Poppy 28
20 Electrifying Deer Maggie 24
21 Fantastic Lynx Buster 23
22 Remarkable Tapir Mike 22
23 Awesome Wolf Jane 22
24 Magical Gazelle Callie 21
25 Awesome Wildcat Penelope 21
26 Elegant Jaguar Indy 21
27 Phenomenal Lemur Scarlett 20
28 Thoughtful Mandrill Violet 19
29 Perfect Giraffe Willie 19
30 Breathtaking Reptile Dobby 18
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Movie Quiz - Guess the movie, Emojis will help you.

Single player or up to 4 players. Optimized for Alexa devices with a screen. Works perfectly without (*).

Compete with gamers all over the World. Collect the points and be the leader of the weekly world ranking.

Short info: Players: 1-4
Game duration: 5-7 minutes per round
Devices: Echo Show + Spot, Fire TV Stick, Echo Dot etc.

A game round has 7 movies that need to be guessed. You don't have a clue? Ask für the next Hint! Every hint reduces the points you get for a correct answer.

Alexa: The first two hints are: A scientist and the time. What movie are we looking for?
Player: I don't know!
Alexa: The third hint is: A young man
Player: It's Back To The Future
Alexa: Well done!

* You don't want to miss the graphical hints? Open your Alexa app, go to Activity and have a look at the Alexa cards. We provide you with images of the emojis.

You found a bug, have a question, feedback or a feature request? Contact me! I'm happy to improve the game for you.


Built with Jovo Framework -
Tick Tock Sound by Taira Komori - CC BY 3.0
Emojis by Twitter (edit: rotation, white border) - CC BY 4.0