Starts every Friday 12 p.m. (UTC)
Name Points
1 Breathtaking Horse Evie 322
2 Thrilling Warthog Halo 304
3 Elegant Tiger Lulu 287
4 Dazzling Mongoose Grace 188
5 Phenomenal Orangutan Wolfgang 183
6 Stunning Donkey Poppy 158
7 Rejuvenating Panda Arlo 135
8 Brilliant Alpaca Floyd 107
9 Cool Silver fox Biscuit 76
10 Sweet Crocodile Django 70
11 Amazing Armadillo Susie 52
12 Stupendous Lion Chiquita 45
13 Elegant Whale Rupert 43
14 Heavenly Capybara Destiny 42
15 Original Wombat Jackson 34
16 Perfect Raccoon Belle 27
17 Enchanting Fish Maple 25
18 Resounding Woodchuck Stella 25
19 Dazzling Jackal Rupert 24
20 Phenomenal Wildcat Thor 24
21 Impressive Shrew Enzo 24
22 Thrilling Marmoset Hiro 24
23 Cool Leopard Biscuit 24
24 Brilliant Mole Sookie 23
25 Perfect Bat Hope 20
26 Miraculous Panther Bugsy 19
27 Terrific Squirrel Stitch 19
28 Delightful Panther Alexander 17
29 Exciting Puma Scruffy 17
30 Thoughtful Mandrill Violet 16
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Movie Quiz - Guess the movie, Emojis will help you.

Single player or up to 4 players. Optimized for Alexa devices with a screen. Works perfectly without (*).

Compete with gamers all over the World. Collect the points and be the leader of the weekly world ranking.

Short info: Players: 1-4
Game duration: 5-7 minutes per round
Devices: Echo Show + Spot, Fire TV Stick, Echo Dot etc.

A game round has 7 movies that need to be guessed. You don't have a clue? Ask für the next Hint! Every hint reduces the points you get for a correct answer.

Alexa: The first two hints are: A scientist and the time. What movie are we looking for?
Player: I don't know!
Alexa: The third hint is: A young man
Player: It's Back To The Future
Alexa: Well done!

* You don't want to miss the graphical hints? Open your Alexa app, go to Activity and have a look at the Alexa cards. We provide you with images of the emojis.

You found a bug, have a question, feedback or a feature request? Contact me! I'm happy to improve the game for you.


Built with Jovo Framework -
Tick Tock Sound by Taira Komori - CC BY 3.0
Emojis by Twitter (edit: rotation, white border) - CC BY 4.0