Starts every Friday 12 p.m. (UTC)
Name Points
1 Groundbreaking Gnu Niko 88
2 Phenomenal Rat Tyler 65
3 Genius Goat Sadie 38
4 Dazzling Walrus Scooter 28
5 Perfect Fox Marco 23
6 Powerful Deer Ziggy 21
7 Lovely Goat Pete 18
8 Innovative Dromedary Petey 17
9 Inventive Armadillo Tommy 11
10 Enchanting Llama Kane 6
11 Amazing Opossum Isabelle 4
12 Inventive Seal Mango 3
13 Sweet Prairie dog Peter 1
14 Masterful Badger Laika 0
15 Cool Silver fox Nina 0
16 Dazzling Capybara Brandi 0
17 Legendary Cat Puffy 0
18 Wonderful Seal Axel 0
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Movie Quiz - Guess the movie, Emojis will help you.

Single player or up to 4 players. Optimized for Alexa devices with a screen. Works perfectly without (*).

Compete with gamers all over the World. Collect the points and be the leader of the weekly world ranking.

Short info: Players: 1-4
Game duration: 5-7 minutes per round
Devices: Echo Show + Spot, Fire TV Stick, Echo Dot etc.

A game round has 7 movies that need to be guessed. You don't have a clue? Ask für the next Hint! Every hint reduces the points you get for a correct answer.

Alexa: The first two hints are: A scientist and the time. What movie are we looking for?
Player: I don't know!
Alexa: The third hint is: A young man
Player: It's Back To The Future
Alexa: Well done!

* You don't want to miss the graphical hints? Open your Alexa app, go to Activity and have a look at the Alexa cards. We provide you with images of the emojis.

You found a bug, have a question, feedback or a feature request? Contact me! I'm happy to improve the game for you.


Built with Jovo Framework -
Tick Tock Sound by Taira Komori - CC BY 3.0
Emojis by Twitter (edit: rotation, white border) - CC BY 4.0